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Documents Related to LPV and CEOS

LPV Protocols

Wang, Z., Schaaf, C., Lattanzio, A., Carrer, D., Grant, I., Román, M., Camacho, F., Yu, Y., Sánchez-Zapero, J. &    Nickeson, J. (2019). Global Surface Albedo Product Validation Best Practices Protocol. Version 1.0. In Z. Wang, J.    Nickeson & M. Román (Eds.), Best Practice for Satellite Derived Land Product Validation (p. 45): Land Product    Validation Subgroup (WGCV/CEOS), doi: 10.5067/DOC/CEOSWGCV/LPV/ALBEDO.001

Download CEOS_ALBEDO_Protocol_20190307_v1.pdf (2MB)

Guillevic, P., Göttsche, F., Nickeson, J., Hulley, G., Ghent, D., Yu, Y., Trigo, I., Hook, S., Sobrino, J.A., Remedios, J.,    Román, M. & Camacho, F. (2018). Land Surface Temperature Product Validation Best Practice Protocol. Version    1.1.0 In P. Guillevic, F. Göttsche, J. Nickeson & M. Román (Eds.), Best Practice for Satellite-Derived Land Product    Validation (p. 58): Land Product Validation Subgroup (WGCV/CEOS), doi:10.5067/doc/ceoswgcv/lpv/lst.001

Download CEOS_LST_PROTOCOL_Feb2018_v1.1.0.pdf (3MB)

Fernandes, R., Plummer, S., Nightingale, J., Baret, F., Camacho, F., Fang, H., Garrigues, S., Gobron, N., Lang, M.,    Lacaze, R., LeBlanc, S., Meroni, M., Martinez, B., Nilson, T., Pinty, B., Pisek, J., Sonnentag, O., Verger, A., Welles, J.,    Weiss, M., & Widlowski, J.L. (2014). Global Leaf Area Index Product Validation Good Practices. Version 2.0.  
   In G. Schaepman-Strub, M. Román, & J. Nickeson (Eds.), Best Practice for Satellite-Derived Land Product    Validation (p. 76): Land Product Validation Subgroup (WGCV/CEOS), doi:10.5067/doc/ceoswgcv/lpv/lai.002

Download CEOS_LAI_PROTOCOL_Aug2014_v2.0.1.pdf (5MB)

See associated documents on the LAI Focus Area home page.

LPV and CEOS Documents 

CEOS Strategy for Carbon Observations from Space (2010)
The CEOS Response to the Group on Earth Observations (GEO) Carbon Strategy

The QA4EO (Quality Assurance for Earth Observations) Web page

EO Handbook

IEEE TGRS Special Issue on Land Product Validation (2006)

Links to reports from the LPV subgroup to the WGCV Plenary

International Programs 

CEOS response to the GCOS IP-10 and satellite supplement (2012)

GCOS IP-10 Global Climate Observing System 10-year Implementation Plan (pdf)

GEO Documents page

GTOS Essential Climate Variables related to LPV 

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