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LPV Leadership and Focus Area Leads

LPV Contacts

The LPV subgroup is led by a peer-nominated chair and vice-chair that serve 3-year terms. The current chair is Miguel Román and the vice-chair is Fernando Camacho.  The subgroup consists of 9 Focus Areas, each led by internationally independent co-chairs who have been actively involved in validation activities and are respected community members (see table below).

Each participant in the LPV subgroup holds their position for a term of three years, after which nominations are requested.

GroupFirst NameSurnameInstitutionCountryEmail
Chair Fernando CamachoEOLabSpainfernando.camacho[ at ]
Vice Chair  Vacant
Secretariat Jaime NickesonGSFCUSAjaime.nickeson[ at ]
Landcover  Pontus OlofssonBoston UUSAOlofsson[ at ]
 Sophie Bontemps Université catholique de Louvain BelgiumSophie.Bontemps [ at ]
LAI  Hongliang FangChinese Academy of SciencesChinafanghl[ at ]
 Sylvain Leblanc Natural Resources Canada
fAPAR Vacant
 Marie WeissINRAFranceMarie.Weiss[ at ]
Active Fire -
Burn Area
 Gareth RobertsUniv. of SouthamptonUKG.J.Roberts[ at ]
 Andrew EdwardsCharles Darwin UniversityAustraliaAndrew.Edwards[ at ]
 Luigi BoschettiUniversity of IdahoUSAluigi[ at ]
Surface Radiation
 Zhuosen WangUMD/NASA[ at ]
 Dominique  Carrer Meteo-France France dominique.carrer[ at ]
 Ian  Grant Bureau of Meteorlogy Australia ian.grant[ at ]
Soil Moisture  Michael CoshUSDA BARCUSAMichael.Cosh[ at ]
 Carsten MontzkaJülich Research CentreGermanyc.montzka[ at ]
Land Surface Temperature &
 Frank GöttscheKarlsruhe Institute of TechnologyGermany frank.goettsche[ at ]
 Glynn HulleyNASA JPLUSA glynn.hulley[ at ]
Phenology  Jadu DashUniversity of SouthamptonUKJ.DASH[ at ]
 Joshua  Gray NC State UniversityUSAjmgray2[ at ]
Vegetation Indices  Tomoaki MiuraUniversity of Hawai'iUSAtomoakim[ at ]
 Carolien TotéVITOBelgiumCarolien.Toté[ at ]
 Else SwinnenVITOBelgiumelse.Swinnen[ at ]
Snow Cover Vacant
 Thomas NaglerENVEOAustriathomas.nagler[ at ]
Biomass  Laura DuncansonUMD/NASA GSFCUSA lduncans[ at ]
 John ArmstonUniversity of MarylandUSAarmston[ at ]
 Mathias DisneyUniversity College LondonUKmathias.disney[ at ]

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