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Focus Area on Surface Radiation/ALbedo Product Validation


GCOS target requirements for Albedo were set as follows (GCOS-200):

Variable/Parameter Horizontal Resolution Vertical Resolution Temporal Resolution Accuracy Stability
Black-sky albedo 200/500m N/A Daily Max (5%;0.0025) Max (1%;0.0001)
White-sky albedo 200/500m N/A   Max (5%;0.0025) Max (1%;0.0001)

LPV Albedo contributes toward action items T35, T36, T38, T39, T40, T41 (2016 IP, GCOS-200).


The Sustained, Coordinated Processing of Environmental Satellite data for Climate Monitoring (SCOPE-CM) Network was established in November 2008 with the approval of the first Implementation Plan. It is a network of agencies and operators of environmental satellite systems and interfaces with WMO, WCRP, GCOS, CGMS, CEOS and GEO. It offers its support to coordinate and facilitate international activities to generate Climate Data Records (CDR) from multi-agency satellite data. Within SCOPE-CM, the contributing organisations coordinate their scientific and technical development activities and cooperate on the basis of shared and distributed responsibilities for the generation of global products.

Within SCOPE-CM two projects focus on retrieval of surface albedo:

  • SCM-02: Retrieval from polar-orbiting satellites
  • SCM-03: Retrieval from geostationary satellites

GTOS Albedo document

Schaaf, C.B., J. Cihlar, A. Belward, E. Dutton, and M. Verstraete. 2009. Albedo and Reflectance Anisotropy, ECV-T8: GTOS Assessment of the status of the development of standards for the Terrestrial Essential Climate Variables, ed., R. Sessa, FAO, Rome.

Links to In Situ Albedo Measurement Networks

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