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Using the LPV Mailman Mailing Lists

Introduction to Mailman

Mailman is a program that lets you send messages to and receive email messages from an existing mail list. If you send a message to the list, then everyone who is subscribed receives a copy. Likewise, if someone else sends a message to the list, you as a subscriber will receive a copy.

Mailman controls a list of addresses for a mail transport system to handle.  Mailman itself performs no mail delivery (though it has scripts to format and archive messages). Visit the NASA Agency Mailing List Service web site for more information and a link to a FAQ page.  Details about GNU Mailman can be found at this link.

To see a List of Members of a Mailman List

Go to the listinfo page:

Where listname is replaced by the list name (see table below). This will take you to a page for the list, where information about the list is available, as well as instructions on how to list members. If you don't know your list member password, click the 'Unsubscribe or edit options' button, fill in your email address for the list on the next page and click the 'Remind' button to get a password reminder mailed to you.

Sending Messages to Others Via a Mailman List

To send a message to others, first compose the message. Send the message to:

To use the LPV Surface Radiation list, for example, you would send the message to:

Note: You cannot send a message to a list that you are not subscribed to.  If you have multiple or updated email addresses, you must use the address that you subscribed with.   If you send a message to a list, and you do not receive the message yourself, then your message probably didn't go out. The general list large and is moderated.

LPV Mailman Mailing Lists:

General CEOS-LPV-Gen For distributing information of general interest to the LPV community, includes a compllation of all LPV lists, and program-level members not on any of the focus area lists.
Fire/Burn Area CEOS-LPV-Fire Fire, burn scar, and fire emissions products
Biophysical CEOS-LPV-Bio Biophysical parameters, including both leaf area index and FAPAR
Landcover CEOS-LPV-LC Land Cover and Land Cover Change products
Surface Radiation CEOS-LPV-Rad Surface radiation products, including albedo, BRDF, and surface reflectance/atmospheric correction.
Land Surface Temperature & Emissivity CEOS-LPV-LSTE Land Surface Temperature and Emissivity products.
Soil Moisture CEOS-LPV-SM Soil Moisture products, including microwave, and radar.
Phenology CEOS-LPV-Pheno Land surface phenology products
Snow Cover CEOS-LPV-Snow Snow Cover products
Vegetation Indices CEOS-LPV-VI
Vegetation Index products
Above Ground Biomass products


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